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Welcome to Harbourside Therapies – a counselling service with a difference.

Here at Harbourside I want to harness the power of nature to help people to work through whatever may be troubling them, to unlock their potential and to achieve a sense of peace and harmony by using what is known as ecotherapy.

Connecting with nature can have a hugely positive effect on both our mental and physical health. Experiencing and immersing ourselves in the beauty and power of our natural surroundings can offer us a deep sense of connection. A heightened awareness of plants, animals and the landscape around us can lead us to ponder existence beyond ourselves, encouraging a sense of connection both to ourselves and to others.

In the busy and stressful lives that most of us lead nowadays, emotional distress can often be made worse by our lack of exposure to natural sights, sounds and smells, and from our disconnection from the natural rhythms of the seasons.

At Harbourside I want to work with you to find the right environment for you. I understand that the traditional face to face method of counselling may be effective for some, while for others a more informal approach may be more suitable. This is where Harbourside differs from other more traditional counselling practices.

I will work with you wherever you feel most comfortable.  You may prefer to sit comfortably in the welcoming and calming therapy room based at Broadstone Counselling.  Alternatively you may feel happier walking down on the beach, in the forest or in whichever location that brings you a sense of connection. A combination of locations might be chosen; anything is possible. Wherever you feel a sense of peace is where the work will be most successful.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the Contact page if you have any questions about the ecotherapy approach or counselling, or to book a free initial 40 minute consultation where we can talk more about your needs.  I am able to see people of all ages from 12 upwards, and have availability at evenings and weekends.

About Becky Protopsaltis

I am a qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy which means I work within the boundaries and standards of behaviour set by the BACP’s ethical framework.



Counselling offers you a safe, comfortable and confidential place for you to explore, reflect and find emotional stability.


Life Coaching

As a life coach, I aim to help and empower you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals.


Rates And Packages

FREE 40 minute consultation at your home – rate will be agreed at initial consultation depending on requirements.

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